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How can I raise my resilience?

Posted on Wed March 15, 2023.

Coach Me - These articles are there to inspire you and enable self-coaching towards change.

They coach businesses reaching more successfully their goals by employability-coaching, healthy leadership development, stress-resilience coaching and coaching business teams in their strengths.

For private people these short articles offer practical coaching tips in how to handle conflicts better, prevent burnouts, increase stress-resilience and coach yourself successfully in crisis.

Questions are powerful things, they contain the power of attracting possibilities.Therefor these articles start with a great self-coaching question that raises our awareness in order to change our perspective.

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The boss as coach

Posted on Wed December 7, 2022.

Coaching is a way of life.

It ensures robust and meaningful relationships, positive emotions and a vibrant social environment. These form the foundation of every success and happiness in life - Both personal and professional.

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The turboboost question

Posted on Wed August 31, 2022.

What if a powerful question can inspire you?
What if a powerful question can change your thinking?
What if a powerful question can change your actions?

Are you curious? Read further to get to know how to turn a question into a strong magnetic force that works for you!

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Dealing with criticism

Posted on Wed July 20, 2022.

Somehow, we have come to falsely believe that when we are criticized by our parents, friends, team members, or others around us, that this criticism is about our Self, our being as a person. We have mistakenly taken criticism personally.

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Being in Fiji

Posted on Mon May 31, 2021.

Our blogs form part of a number of short stories where wilderness and nature experiences can be found. They can serve you to remind that observing wilderness restores you, coaches you and inspires us to create your world, day in and day out “Nature” is coaching us.
This blog is about the importance to find yourself and be active in the right environment where flow and providence moves.

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