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Terms & conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all contracts and bookings of any kind between Wamvenga and its clients. They apply to all reservations, bookings and agreements for coaching, training, accommodation, workshops, excursions, training and other activities as well as for the use of the premises and facilities that Wamvenga offers to its clients.

General Terms and Conditions

Clients are requested to read the following terms and conditions and take note of their responsibilities, Wamvenga's limitations of liability, payment and cancellation conditions. Payment of a deposit of at least 50% of the contract value is required for the contract to come into effect.
Wamvenga bears sole and absolute responsibility for ensuring that all clients are aware of Wamvenga's exclusion of liability and compensation and that all clients have the necessary travel documents, health insurance and the required comprehensive travel insurance. This includes mandatory costs for medical treatment and emergencies while travelling.
Wamvenga cannot be held responsible for changes in weather conditions or for the change or cancellation of airline, train, bus or shuttle schedules. This also applies to the associated travel, accommodation and transfer costs and any additional costs incurred in this connection. German law shall apply to this contract in all respects.


Provision of the services

Wamvenga provides the contractual services to the customer. Wamvenga may at any time, without notice to the Customer, make changes to the Services that are necessary to comply with applicable safety or other legal requirements or that do not materially affect the nature or quality of the Services.
The Customer shall provide Wamvenga, at its own expense, with all necessary data and other information relating to the Services in sufficient time to enable Wamvenga to provide the Services in accordance with the Contract. The Customer is responsible for and must ensure the accuracy of all such information.


Disclaimer and indemnity

All persons entering the contracted premises and/or using the contracted facilities of Wamvenga and/or participating in activities organised by Wamvenga do so solely at their own risk. Wamvenga, its director, agents, partners and staff shall not be liable or responsible for any injury, damage, death, loss of support or other loss of any kind, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.
Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, parents and guardians entering premises or facilities contracted by Wamvenga and/or participating in activities organised by Wamvenga shall be deemed to be assisting a child accompanying them to enter into a contract as described above and, agree to hold Wamvenga harmless from any claims that may arise in connection with injury, damage, death, loss of support or damages of any kind, whether due to negligence or otherwise.

Each client may be asked to sign a disclaimer on arrival at the premises chosen and contracted by Wamvenga and/or at the facilities used by Wamvenga.


Reservation details

Please ensure that you provide the following details of your experience:
- Surname and first name as they appear on your passport.
- Personal contact details such as telephone number, email address and postal address.
- Expected arrival and departure dates and times
- Any specific medication the client is taking, Wamvenga needs to know or any known severe allergies
- Any injuries, disabilities or special mobility aids that need to be present or used
- Dietary requirements or special requests for special occasions
- Emergency "relatives/ friends" contact number during the stay with us.


Payment details

Internet transfers and direct deposits can be made directly to the following address:
- Name of bank: N26 Bank GmbH
- Name of account holder: Robin van den Berg
- Account number (IBAN): DE32 1001 1001 2628 7912 91
- N26 Bank address: Klosterstraße 62,
- N26 Bank Postcode and city: 10179, Berlin
- N26 Bank Country: Germany
- International payment costs and bank commissions: At your expense, YOURS

We do not currently accept credit card payments or bank card payments for reservations or payments at our contracted venues.
Payments for all contracted activities and services can be made by direct internet bank-transfer. Payment for any extras or additional services can only be made in cash on site.
A copy of the bank cheque/bank transfer/ deposit slip must be emailed to robin@wamvenga.com.
Failure to pay the required deposit may result in the space or appointment being released. Please quote the invoice number in all correspondence as we may not be able to trace your payment of the booking.


Terms of payment

Payments to be made by the Client to Wamvenga, including deposits, shall be made on the date(s) and in the amount specified in the Contract.
If the contracted services are changed prior to the client's arrival, the payment made will be in accordance with the latest details in Wamvenga's written details.
Any additional costs resulting from these changes will be payable by the customer on presentation of an invoice.

Where additional services are provided to the customer, the customer shall pay the standard charges at the rate in force on the day on which the additional services are provided and any additional amounts agreed between Wamvenga and the customer for the provision of such services.

- A minimum deposit of 50% is required to secure the booking of the services.
- Full payment or 100% of the tour price must be transferred 1 month prior to the start of the booked service.
- All international payments must be converted and paid in Euro (EUR).
- We cannot be held responsible for currency fluctuations.
- All (international) bank and transfer fees will be charged to the client's account.
- Necessary airport transfer, train, bus and shuttle fees as well as special dietary requirements must be specified at the time of booking and may incur additional charges.


Cancellation policy

Provisional bookings will be cancelled 3 months prior to arrival or commencement of the experience if the required deposit of 50% of the invoice amount has not been received.
Cancellations must be confirmed in writing by email to robin@wamvenga.com.
- The cancellation policy is as follows:
Cancellation between 6 months and 3 months prior to the start of the contracted service: the client will be refunded 100% of the deposit(s) received.
- A cancellation between 3 months and 1 month before the start of the contracted service: refund to the client of the percentage: 25% of the deposit(s) received.
- Cancellation between 1 month and the start date before the start of the service: refund of the percentage to the client: 0% of the deposit(s) received.

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, supersedes any prior agreements or understandings and may only be modified by a separate written agreement between the parties.