Crisis coaching

In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity.

With that in mind, the goal is to not just survive the current crisis but to use it to better your life and increase your chances for future success and create the life you wish to live.

Coach Me - Crisis coaching

There are always situations in life that throw us off balance. These can be crises or problems in our professional life, in our relationship or in our personal development. And sometimes we have the feeling that we can't manage on our own. We struggle to free ourselves from the old, familiar ways. Often obstructive patterns of thought prevent us from coming into action.

In our behaviour, "more of the same" always leads to the same, often frustrating result. This step is exactly what is needed to get something different from what we have always gotten.

Through personal coaching session you get different perspectives or changes of attitude. You suddenly see possibilities and the chances the crisis has in store for you. Through this process you no longer feel helpless. Instead, you become a master or co-creators of your life again. That is our goal when we embark together on our personal crisis coaching journey.

What do I get?

  • Overcoming the current crisis
  • Renewed positiveness and energy
  • Crisis strategies for future
  • Better crisis handling skills

What is my investment?

You can choose between an onsite or online one-on-one personal crisis coaching.

Choose Coach Me to book a personal one-on-one coaching session including a free "getting to know each other" talk. Price coaching session: EUR 75,- inkl. MwSt (1 hour).



Please contact us for a free of charge - non-binding conversation!