Walking coaching

Nature takes centre stage in our walking coaching.

We are convinced – and this conviction is supported by research – that coaching in nature is more powerful and its effects are longer lasting than coaching in an office or room. Being outdoors has a positive effect on our whole wellbeing.

Coach Me - Walking coaching 

In nature, we feel livelier and more creative. Nature lowers stress levels and reduces pain. It improves our memory, and makes us feel more connected with ourselves and the people around us. Most people know this intuitively and visit natural environments when they feel stressed, depressed or need to recharge.

The idea of connecting coaching with the natural world is supported by an abundance of literature on the beneficial effects of nature on our well-being. Research shows that the environment we find ourselves in profoundly influences the functioning of our bodies. What we see, hear and experience changes our mood and affects our nervous-, endocrine-, and immune systems. Nature has an abundance of good for us in store!


What do I get?

Walking coaching engages the body in physical exercise, leaving the mind free to focus on the here and now. The physical act of walking helps the flow of communication happening. Moving physically inspires action psychologically. Grounded in this way, we become in coaching much more creative, attain new levels of clarity and can discover access to new solutions much quicker and easier.

It is essential to leave everyday life and with this our normal thinking patterns behind for a while, to take a deep breath and broaden our view. What could be more natural than bringing nature itself into coaching?


What is my investment?

Choose Coach Me to book a personal one-on-one onsite walking coaching session including a free "getting to know each other" talk. Price outdoor coaching session: EUR 85,- inkl. MwSt (75 minutes). 


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