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Expanding team strengths

Posted on Fri March 15, 2024.

In nature, we see everywhere how teams function successfully: Ants show us how division of labour works perfectly, fish teach us intelligent shoaling behaviour, starlings form flight formations to protect themselves from airborne attackers, wolves organize themselves into packs.

We humans also need each other. We belong to families, create networks in our private and professional lives and usually work in teams. Nature teaches us how to build and maintain successful teams.

There are three prerequisites for growing team strengths and the active participation of team members in this process.

  • Do it systemically. Building team strengths must be systemic and structural. At Wamvenga Creative Coaching we use the systematic approach of the "5 dysfunctions" of teams. 1. build team trust - 2. manage team conflicts - 3. achieve commitment - 4. take responsibility and 5. focus on results. This makes it clear to everyone involved where the focus lies and which growth path has been chosen.
  • Integrate the promised adjustments. Make sure that you implement and follow-up on changes in the day-to-day's team life and demonstrate a high degree of integrity.
  • Measure the progress from the get-go. Measuring the growth of team strengths can be accomplished using common measurement methods. Create upfront valuable indicators of team strength, together with the team's key players.

The great advantage of being outdoors is that we increase our creativity and clarity enormously. We can also change our perspective outdoors more easily and see much easier where solutions are. And then there are the great examples of teamwork in nature. They help us to work together in new ways.

Do you want to retain your team members in the long term, realize your team's potential and achieve goals more successfully?

At Wamvenga Creative Coaching, we offer team strength coaching in the Westerwald and Siegerland. Let nature inspire you!