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About us

Our coaching journey began by spontaneously offering meaningful insights during nature walks and safaris in topics such as leadership development, building team-strengths, conflict handling and stress & resilience management

We are grateful for this wonderful journey and for that what we have become today; Wamvenga Creative Coaching.

We are passionate about:


We believe in the value of the authentic connection to ourselves and to others.



We are grateful for the magnificence and the power of nature, that has so much to offer us.



We trust that created change brings us possibilities full of meaningfulness and joy.



We do what we promise at the time we promise to do it.


Robin van den Berg

Robin is an open, curious and adventurous person. He loves discovering new potential and inner strengths by sourcing inner wisdom. His decision to move from the boardroom to the African savannah taught him that taking intuitive decisions are a powerful force. Commitment to these decisions precedes desired change. A created change where meaningfulness, appreciation and happiness show up. This connects us as it is what we all strive for in our life. 

After a career as business consultant Robin now leads coaching, leadership- and team-coaching seminars and workshops. Because of his extensive business experience he finds himself at ease on all levels of organisations. Robin specialises in coaching in stress- and resilience management, employability, conflict handling, leadership-development and team coaching.

Robin is inspired by creative change and meeting life's challenges together with his clients. He loves to share in coaching sessions and seminars valuable insights of mental coaching, crisis coaching and conflict coaching areas.

To wonder in nature on a quiet walking trail with others is one of his most favourite nature activities. He is a certified professional nature guide and lead trails-guide (FGASA-certified). 

Robin is an accredited Integral Coach (ECA) and Consciousness Coach (ICF) and he lives currently with his family in the town of Kirchen - Germany, amidst wonderful dense forests and deep river-valleys, about 70 km East of the city of Cologne.