Work & life balance coaching

Good things come to me easily.

Mental coaching supports us in many ways. Through it we can become better in what we do and we become more successful in achieving our goals.

You can see mental coaching as your personal "brain-gym assistant" getting you exactly where you want to go when you invest in your awareness.

Coach Me - Mental coaching


In our daily life we struggle with the sheer amount of all responsibilities and loose focus on what gives us energy and what we truly love doing. Cell phone, children, job, appointments, partner, parents, friends - I should still do this... We have the feeling that we somehow imagined our life very differently. We don't stop and take stock for a moment. Instead we run on. The risk of burning out increases. Do you know this feeling?

This is where mental coaching is useful to find new realistic and personal solutions. We take time to get a clear overview, a new perspective. We focus on what we are committed to change in our life and how we can create more success, joy, meaningfulness and productivity. 


What do I get?

  • Clarity on patterns and imprints that influence decisions and actions
  • More time for "energy refuelling moments"
  • Inner "clutter" clear up
  • Better access to resources and strengths
  • Better productivity
  • Preventing burnout
  • A balanced work-life
  • Growing self-confidence, better handling of fears and letting go of limiting beliefs.
  • More success and a higher performance


What is my investment?

Choose Coach Me to book a personal one-on-one onsite or online coaching session including a free "getting to know each other" talk. Price coaching session: EUR 75,- inkl. MwSt (1 hour). 



Please contact us for a free of charge - non-binding conversation!