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Your intuition-muscle

Posted on Tue February 13, 2024.

Coach Me - these short articles are designed to help you develop a great and supportive inner attitude for yourself. An inner attitude that is more coherent with your outer appearance and with which you can make progress in both your business and private life.

The approaches I choose come from my "best practices" in the team coaching and private coaching sessions I have conducted over many years.

Today we are looking at; "Where do we source the best coaching questions from?

What does it mean to really "understand" someone as a coach? Have you ever wondered where your best questions come from when you coach people?

My answer is: They come from "getting" your coachee and from being fully available to your coachee. It is your intuition that leads you to your best question and guides you to understanding the need behind the issue.

The central question is:

What are the deeper needs that fuel the person's talking and their topic?

I have found that applying this approach is the key to a much higher quality and effectiveness of your coaching. Being it for example; leadership coaching, performance coaching, team coaching or mental coaching. The deeper need approach stays the same.

A great place to develop just that is outside. In our Mindfulness & Nature Coaching course and in our Outdoor & Nature Training course, we train exactly this intuition muscle to take your coaching to a higher and more effective "getting" level. Pure Nature inspiration!