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How can I raise my resilience?

Posted on Wed March 15, 2023.

Coach Me - These articles are there to inspire you and enable self-coaching towards change.

They coach businesses reaching more successfully their goals by employability-coaching, healthy leadership development, stress-resilience coaching and coaching business teams in their strengths.

For private people these short articles offer practical coaching tips in how to handle conflicts better, prevent burnouts, increase stress-resilience and coach yourself successfully in crisis.

Questions are powerful things, they contain the power of attracting possibilities.Therefor these articles start with a great self-coaching question that raises our awareness in order to change our perspective.

We cannot avoid stress-full situations. The art of becoming great in stress-resilience is being able to handle  stress differently. 

One of the causes of stress lies in ourselves. We are often our biggest critic. Somehow, we have learned the very unproductive and unhealthy behaviour to judge ourself and to compare ourself continuously with others around us. This is called the unhealthy "tick” to be perfect, to be appropriate, correct, on time, grown-up, to be professional and in control. Do you recognize it?

When we are perfectionists we have set ourselves an ever-shifting perfect image of ourselves that we can never reach. Including high demands and standards. Becoming aware of this stress-full pattern is the start of the solution. It is supported by this first stress- and resilience coaching and self-coaching Coach Me "tip": Be kind to yourself!
Being kind to ourselves boosts our mood, our health and its immune system. It can decrease blood pressure and cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Being kind to one-self brings different benefits for everyone.

Ask yourself the following three powerful stress- and resilience empowering coaching questions and then ACT on them;

-       How can I be more kind to myself? - (What can I change in my behaviour?)
-       Where can I be more kind to myself? - (In what topic can I bring an alteration?)
-       When can I be more kind to myself? - (In which circumstances, places and time?)
Please tell me how effective this tip is. I am interested what these three “Coach-Me” stress- and resilience coaching questions bring you.