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Coaching with Robin is always pure inspiration. He is a very sensitive person with a wealth of experience. His authentic, open and at the same time reserved manner are an ideal basis to explore one's own issues and to develop further. After each encounter with Robin I feel reborn and more closely connected with myself and nature. A coaching with Robin "lifts up" a 100%. What a gift!

Irene Kranz, Head of Department Pedagogical-Psychological Services, Education Authority


After knowing Robin as a coach for many years, I can say he is one of the most calm, knowledgable and approachable leaders I know. His ability to help you see the smaller details within a bigger picture is a real skill. I have learnt a huge amount about true leadership from Robin and will continue to do so with each meeting.

Joshua Millar, Founder & Creative Director, The Mustering

London, United Kingdom

Robin is a great coach and leadership trainer. I admire his love and passion on this topic. Be it in the French Provence observing hundreds of beautiful vultures, getting to know the magnificent South African bush, visiting the residents in the Zurich Zoo or spend time in a forest nearby - he just seems to know everything about every creature. I had the honor ot attend one of Robin's leadership and coaching seminars where I I took along many insights about my own - as well as others' - thoughts and behaviors.


Mareike Gerrits, People and Community Enabler & Coach, Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Zug, Switzerland

Robin not only has a passion for people and personal development. He has on top of this a deep understanding of nature. He also knows what powerfully insights can arise when we immerse ourselves in nature. Combined with his skills in the area of leadership, coaching and team development, Wamvenga Creative Coaching offers a unique opportunity for organisational-, team- and personal growth.

David Michie, Founder of Mindful Safaris and International Author

Perth, Australia

Learning from an experienced nature guide, leadership- and team coach like Robin is a great opportunity to deeply connect with life and yourself. It is what I recommend to every person and leader around the globe: Leave your comfort zone and dig into the eternal laws of nature, life, love and leadership. This will leave you energised and inspired. It allows you also to grow personally and professionally beyond your imagination.

Kerstin Plehwe, National Geographic Author and Entrepreneur

Berlin, Germany