• Business Coaching, Life Coaching and Nature Coaching

Personal coaching

Change your perspective!

We are much more powerful than we think we are. All that you need is within you waiting for you recognise it and use it!

Our goal in personal coaching is to embark together on a journey in creative change. A change in life that is inspiring, moving and touching for you. A change that is sustainable on the long term.



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Mental coaching

Good things come to me easily.

Mental coaching supports us in many ways. Through it we can become better in what we do and we become more successful in achieving our goals.

You can see mental coaching as your personal "brain-gym assistant" getting you exactly where you want to go when you invest in your awareness.


Conflict coaching

An evening when all present agree is a lost evening.

A fully conflict free life prevents necessary change. To walk away from conflicts deprives us from the good that a conflict has in store for us.

We can only grow professionally and personally by handling conflicts with authenticity, patience and maturity.


Crisis coaching

In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity.

With that in mind, the goal is to not just survive the current crisis but to use it to better your life and increase your chances for future success and create the life you wish to live.


Walking coaching

Nature takes centre stage in our walking coaching.

We are convinced – and this conviction is supported by research – that coaching in nature is more powerful and its effects are longer lasting than coaching in an office or room. Being outdoors has a positive effect on our whole wellbeing.