Coaching session content

We use systemic coaching methods, targeted open questions and effective coaching interventions where clear thought processes and new perspectives are stimulated.  Each person and each session is completely individual and based on an emphatic and appreciative relationship between me and you. 

We believe that the client knows what the best result and approach is for their unique situation. Therefor the coach does not need not be an expert in their clients’ theme or field of work.

Creative coaching (without medical license or non-medical practitioner training) is a form of talk therapy, but not classic psychotherapy, therefore it is not a recognised service by the public or private health insurance.



We clarify the coaching fee together in advance. The coaching service is paid cash on the spot directly. An advance bank transfer is also possible. There are no card facilities currently available at the coaching location. 

Individual indoor coaching fee: EUR 70,- per coaching session (inkl. MwSt).
Individual Outdoor coaching fee: EUR 85,- per coaching session (inkl. MwSt).

*Quotations for companies are available on request. 

Please refer to the Contact details for the bank account details. An invoice will be sent to you by email after each session.


Introductory talk

In a pre-meeting (non-bounding) of about 30 minutes we get to know each other and we clarify general questions about the coaching sessions and the theme that you want to be coached on. This pre-meeting is free of charge and can be chosen to be done on the phone, online or in person.

Together we find out:

  • what exactly brings you here
  • where your strengths and resources lie in relation to your challenge
  • what solutions you have already tried before
  • what your goal could be and to what extent we can accompany and support you in achieving your goal.


Coaching duration

Each personal coaching session for individuals usually last between 60 and 75 minutes. Outdoor coaching sessions for individuals last 75 minutes. You decide on the frequency of the sessions. You decide after each session if and when to continue the coaching and when the next coaching session takes place.

The number of sessions depends entirely on your needs and wishes. My work is characterized by the fact that there tend to be relatively few sessions with longer time intervals. This means for you a manageable time process with manageable costs. Our progress is monitored at regular intervals and the direction is redefined.

Sometimes it only takes a few sessions to make a big change, sometimes it takes longer. You can stop the the coaching at any time. The only thing we ask is that there will be always a final session to evaluate the work we have done together and look ahead.


Risks and side effects

When you begin the sessions, it is possible that you may initially experience a temporary worsening of your condition or certain "side effects" such as headaches, fatigue, irritation, or altered emotionality, among other things, as you work through previously unconscious content. It is recommended that you take care of yourself after the sessions, for example by seeking sufficient rest and relaxation (or whatever feels good to you then).



Cancellation is possible at any time spontaneously. The termination is made by a short message to me. Either by phone or in writing (email), with or without giving reasons. Appointments can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before.

Please send an email with the cancellation request to Within 48 hours of the coaching session a fee of 50% of the booked service will be charged. Coaching appointments that are not cancelled will be charged in full.



Personal coaching is offered in German, English or Dutch. 


Health insurance coverage

The coaching services are self-pay services and are not covered by public or private health insurance. You do not need a referral from your family doctor for coaching with me. You pay for the services yourself and can decide on the duration and frequency of the sessions.


Online coaching

We use the coaching platform "Fly". It has the highest standards of data security. It has great possibilities such as an online whiteboard and online post-it functionality. Prior to the appointment, you will receive a Fly-link to the session by email. Fly works on a cell phone, laptop, PC, or tablet. It is not necessary to download any software or app upfront. Coachings can also always take place spontaneously as an online meeting, if you can not appear on site.


Coaching location

The preferred coaching location will be determined together. Our coaching room is located in Kirchen (Sieg) between Siegen and Betzdorf. The address is:

Wilhelmstrasse 11, 57548, Kirchen (Sieg), Germany


Parking facilities

You can park on site free of charge in the street and surrounding area.


Outdoor coaching

When we have agreed on a coaching outdoors, please wear closed footwear suitable for easy hiking trails and (warm) clothing suitable for the weather forecasted. 


Discretion and free will

Once you contact me, your concerns are under complete confidentiality and discretion. You can always choose and decide to end or re-start the coaching process at any time or moment.


Mental and psychological help

You can get free counseling and, if necessary, therapy at the following counseling centers in Siegen and the surrounding area:

  • Counselling center for children, adolescents and parents at the Friedenshort Protestant Youth Welfare Center, phone 0271 70 30 880
  • Marriage, family and life counseling of the Protestant church district Siegen, phone 0271 25 02 80
  • Catholic marriage, family and life counseling Siegen, phone 0271 57 617
  • Telephone counselling service on 0800 111 0 111 or 0800 111 0 222
  • Help and advice if you have been the victim of a crime: www.weiß or help hotline "Violence against women" : (08000) 116 016 or help hotline "Violence against men" : 0800 123 99 00
  • Help for overstrained families/ parents: Family Office Youth Welfare Office Siegen (0271) 404 2234 or (0271) 404 2958 or parents' telephone : (0800) 111 0 550
  • "Nummer gegen Kummer" for children and young people: 116 111

In emergencies (especially in cases of acute suicidal tendencies or danger to others), you can contact the Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic of the Siegen District Hospital at any time or be admitted as an inpatient via the central patient admission.


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