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Always do what you are afraid to do.

Posted on Wed January 31, 2024.

Coach Me - these short articles are designed to help you develop a supportive inner attitude for yourself. An inner attitude that is more coherent with your outer presentation and with which you can make moreprogress in both your business- and private life’s goals.

The approaches I choose come from my "best practices" in the team coaching and private coaching sessions I have conducted over many years.

Today we are looking at the topic of "courage". That is, if we want to achieve the changes we want, we need to access our courage.

Courage is often about having the courage to “stop caring what others think of us”.
If you want to stop caring about what others think of you, recognize the following:
A. Others will always have an opinion of you no matter what you do. The human mind always judges.
B. You can be completely independent of all this!
So, how can you set out and practically free yourself from it?
Step 1: Decide to stop taking everything personally. When they judge you, it's about their stuff. Not yours. You can't influence that anyway.
Step 2: Become immediately aware of when you start taking things personally and decide to stop immediately.
Step 3: Shift your focus to what you want to focus on instead. This could be:

·      Your authentic self-expression.
·      Creating value.
·      Being true to yourself.
·      What you can contribute to a greater whole.
·      other...
With this new inner attitude; the courage strategy, you can make big changes in the level you experience courage. It prevents you as well from losing valuable energy in things you cannot influence anyway.
These are just the first three steps. If you are interested in learning more steps to be completely free from worrying about what others think about you... or if you would like to be coached by me in "take nothing personally", just get in touch with me. www.wamvenga.com.

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