Team-strength seminar

Nature shows us exactly what successful teamwork is.

Ants divide the workload, fish swim in schools, birds navigate in flocks and wolves cooperate in packs. None of these animals succeed on their own.

The same is true for us. We know very well that we need each other to achieve our goals and live a happy life. We are members of our family, many of us play a sport in a team and we work in professional teams. We only flourish together and connected with each other.

Coach Me - Team-strength seminar

The strength of a team depends on various factors, like the focus on a shared goal, the willingness of each team member to cooperate and the proper division of tasks – the right person in the right place.

When analysing what successful teams have in common, the following five success characteristics are present:

  • There is a mutual trust between the team members.
  • The acceptance of conflicts and respectful communication in these times with a clear outcome.
  • A transparency of the common goals and the unified commitment to them.
  • The willingness to take responsibility and to confront team members who don't.
  • A high clarity ad presence on target-orientation within the team.

Through team coaching workshops we grow together on these above success characteristics. The results are surprisingly motivating and long lasting.


Tree-Ring Team Coaching ©

We support teams in becoming learning and agile teams which focus on the team targets. Teams that can easily adapt to the fast-changing context of the world we live in. In order to achieve this we have developed the Tree-Ring Team Coaching © -model.

This model consists of five tree rings. Just like the tree grows from the centre to the bark, we work from the inner to the outer tree ring while strengthening the team step by step, practically and successfully.

Our expertise is to guide teams in becoming more coherent, stronger and measurably more successful. 


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