Leadership coaching

We grow and lead by empowering others.

In the past, leadership at work was based on task management, today leadership is based on growing trust, developing talent, guarding shared values, creating meaningfulness, expressing appreciation and sustaining a common identity. All these aspects are indispensable in order to be able to reach goals successfully, motivate and retain employees.

Coach Me - Leadership coaching

Our leadership coaching revolves around understanding the impact that leadership has on the health of the employees. This is essential to help you better identify which approach is best for your current leadership role and where you want to develop into as a health-management leader. Creating and maintaining a supportive and honest leadership feedback environment is key in your development as leader.


What do you get?

  • You will learn what health-management in leadership brings and what its pre-requisites are. 
  • You will grow your awareness, listening and observational skills that supports healthy leadership.
  • A health-management leadership feedback structure to measure how you are performing.
  • A growing level of trust and team-cohesion between you and your team members.
  • More productive, motivated and successful employees.


What is my investment?

You can choose between an onsite or online one-on-one leadership coaching or alternatively attend a specialised onsite leadership development seminar (3 evenings).

Choose Coach Me to book a leadership coaching session including a free "getting to know each other" talk. Price coaching session: EUR 75,- inkl. MwSt (1 hour).

Choose the right seminars for you! We will be happy to inform you about the dates, structure and content of our group seminars on health-management leadership development in business.


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