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The Bushveld stillness

Posted on Sun April 26, 2020.

Our blogs form part of a number of short stories where wilderness experiences can be found. They can serve you to remind that observing wilderness restores you, coaches you and inspires us to create your world. When we look with new eyes at nature, it gives us clarity and purpose.
This blog is about the true value of the Bushveld; it’s stillness and the gift it offers us to be able to reflect and re-direct our lives.

Many companies and organizations are dealing with unprecedented change in the world they operate in today. These changes shake the very foundations that they are built on and are a threat to their survival and the jobs of their employees. The main question that everybody wants to answer is; “how can we encourage and enable our organizations to change with the changing world and it’s new opportunities”.
A shift is necessary. A shift from going through the daily repetitive work-motions that used to be enough to get the job done to creative solution finding.  A shift that takes us from chasing security to finding the courage in ourselves to do things differently and take up responsibility for it. What prevents us from getting there? Or what do we need to let go off to become truly creative and thinking “out of the box”?  Or in other words how do I shift into an “entrepreneurial” state of mind? I believe that in trying times we first truly need the stillness of the Bushveld. We experience all a lack of reflective moments that disable us completely to let go and rethink our future. We have lost ourselves in procrastination, even longer workhours or switching off our brain completely in front of a buzzing screen.  Stillness allows that first critical step to become creative and shape your future from the heart. The stillness of the Bushveld comes in many ways. It can be that first cup of tea on your porch in the early morning sun, that walk on your own in the forest behind your village, that gratefulness journal you write in every day, the prayers you say in stillness or that time you spend meditating on your favourite spot in your house. Whatever it is, outward conversations, distractions and noises are reduced in the stillness of your Bushveld to bring you to be and simply observe. You have placed yourself in “the eye of the storm” and from here we can objectively observe, get in contact with our intuition and reconnect with what is most important. Simply be with yourself.  Then and there we reach clarity what our legacy to this world is. All our great life decisions, creations and actions follow from here. Your Bushveld stillness is your “home-base”. It is the place far away from commotion, noise and information. It is the place where you feel solid, have trust in yourself, experience hope and where you can rely on.  As Einstein once said; “You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it” . We need to shift to this new way of thinking if we want to survive. We can reach that only by just be and be truly still. We touch our base.  From here we can shift and look at our world from a different perspective. Now we see our path clearly and we see the opportunities that are aligned to our core being. Enjoy your own Bushveld stillness!