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Setting your Wilderness Context - Put on Your shoes of Lightning

Posted on Tue April 17, 2018.

This Blog forms part of a number of short stories where wilderness experiences can be found. These short stories serve us that observing nature brings us closer to our Self and inspires us every day to live the life we want to live.

I was watching two grown up cheetah brothers slowly getting active at the early start of their day in the South African bush veld. They were rolling over, stretching and yawning as the one stood up. They greeted each other by rubbing their heads against each other and soon they followed an animal path-way. I imagined that on this path they would discover a new prey to stalk and hopefully (for them) a successful hunt would follow. The Cheetahs would rely on their prowess and lightning speed to survive and thrive another day in the Savanna bush veld.

This brought me to my own thoughts about waking up, getting up and preparing myself for this one day, that is today.  Every single day we wake up we have a choice how we can start our day. With which mindset and intention would I like to start today? Do I greet others with kindness like the Cheetah? Do I want to see beauty, connect to my heart and enjoy and stand still at special moments during the day? Or do I jump into the day and wait and see how the day develops? Why not give it a try and create your own day, see it as a gift and be grateful that you have this day for you to live and make the most of it that you can, just like the two cheetah brothers. Starting the day with the right intent can create that for you.

How I wish for a flame that never dies
Like a candle and its flame bring back the light

You put on your shoes of lightning
You put on your shoes and run
You'll be the lightning bolt
So put them on

Put on your shoes of fire
Put on your shoes that burn
If you get burned, my love
Well that's exactly how you learn

Bring on the day to come
And you wear it like a brand new one
You put on the shoes of lightning
Let them run
You let them run

Let them run