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Create through your best Wilderness Experience

Posted on Sun April 2, 2017.

This blog forms part of a number of short stories where wilderness experiences can be found and it serves us to remind ourselves that having good daily habits pay off.

It can be extremely helpful to start your day differently by taking out a few moments and have a “CEO meeting” with your self and choose how you want to feel when you start your day.

Let’s say that you want to achieve some goals that are important to You today or you want to make a first step reaching them. Now consciously choose your new relationship with this goal. How do you want to feel about working on and reaching this goal? What is your relationship with this goal? Are your thoughts and feelings positive feelings or are they frustrated feelings? Simply feel into it. If you notice frustration or maybe even anger in the relationship reaching this goal you will have to change this before you start your day. Enjoying Nature experiences is a great way to reach a positive mindset and to develop a new relationship with your goals through using its incredible powers and beauty. A natural way that will benefit you for a life time as Magical Wilderness experiences have no shelf-date.

Remind your Self of the most amazing Nature experience you had in your Life. What did you see around you at that time, how was the lighting? Where you alone? Where was the sun in the sky or the moon if it was night? What sounds did you hear, did you maybe hear the wind blow and feel it touching your skin? Was it warm or cold? Did you had anything in your hands? Was there an animal around making a noise? How did it smell around you? Could you see any flowers, trees or maybe you could smell the rich sweet smell of the Earth? Did you sense anything else? How did it all make you feel inside you?

I have had the opportunity to spend a lot of my time outdoors in one of the most magnificent, pure and powerful environments on this earth, the South African Bushveld. I have had many special moments in the Bushveld however the following wilderness experience took place on a deserted camping ground far away from my home in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. My girlfriend and me had walked the whole day upwards on the mountain slope passing berry bush after berry bush. It was the end of the Canadian summer season and we had chosen this specific walk for its promise of wonderful views and solitude. Our backpacks were full of food that we had to lift up later carefully to a bear-save altitude at our camping spot. On our way up we were on our toes on the look-out for any bears as we were walking straight through their supermarkt of sun ripened juicy berries, lane after lane. We arrived luckily at our camping spot and found that we would be the only one around there. There was not a soul around but the two of us.

After our dinner we quickly washed up, hoisted up our backpacks to a 5 meter high level and crept into our little ultra light tent. We were tired of the long day walking so we fell asleep quickly. I must have woken up from thirst a couple of hours later. The sun had been “out there” that day and I must have drunken too little water on our steep ascent.  I decided to get out of the tent and get some fresh water at the nearby creek. Sitting for a moment on a large rock at the small and clear creek I noticed how brightly the moon was and how much light was around. It’s rays brilliantly lighted up the rocky area I was sitting on and played and danced on the creeks waters surface. I felt a soft cool wind stroking my face and suddenly from not too far away a loud howl echoed through the valley we were staying in. One lonely wolf howled for about twenty seconds but it felt like it lasted an eternity. I did not know what to do. Was that howl the message that something dangerous could happen? I never expected that wolves could be out there as well. I decided not to feel worried but simply enjoy my surroundings and the sound the lonely wolf made. The wolf decided to call another time and then others joined the lonely wolf as well. What a breathtaking and magnificent sound they made! It was perfectly fitting with the shining moon and the cool wind. I spoke out my gratitude for this special moment and went back to my tent being fully aware how lucky I was to hear this. I drank the water from the creek and I felt extremely satisfied and positive with my Self and the place I was at that moment. The wolfs sounded now further away. I fell asleep with the faraway sounds of the howling Wolves.

Feeling satisfied and positive with my Self is exactly the way I would like to describe the state of being I would like to set-out for the day. A 5 minute CEO meeting connecting with my goals and achieving them. The only thing I'll have to do is to simply take time and reconnect with my most magical Wilderness Experience.

Be productive. Be grateful. Choose Your context of the day!