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Invite Rain in your life!

Posted on Sat September 28, 2019.

This blog forms part of a number of short stories where wilderness experiences can be found. They can serve you to remind that observing wilderness restores you, coaches you and inspires us to create our world, every day.

This Blog is about creating abundance and is inspired by Rain falling in the bushveld and the element water.

“There are currently high winds over the end of the dry season with lots of dry grass (high fuel-load) available. Please be very cautious when working in the bush, especially with electric tools and removing ashes from fire-places”.

This was the message received this morning from our warden who monitors the situation in the game reserve that is bone-dry after about a five months no rainfall period. I really have to think back hard to remember when we saw the last rain in this part of the Savanna bush-veld where rain occurs almost exclusively with late afternoon thunderous lightning storms in our summer months. The sky is steel blue every day with sometimes a lost little cloud in the distance and this long time without rain reminds us how important and precious the availability of water truly is.

These trying times makes you grateful for what is and we learn to value small, often overlooked animals or plants. Droughts makes us realize how fantastic nature can adapt and is ever changing, dynamic in many ways.

A new day starts in the early morning with new chances of rain falling. The wise say that “the greatest skill in us is the ability to make rain”.  What they really mean with this is that our greatest gift is to create abundance and that we have all the capability in us to create abundance for ourselves, for our family and for our community. The ability to call rain has always been revered and admired for. Rain is this symbol of abundance in our life. Water symbolizes the flow of our life.

Where in your life are things stagnant and not in flow. Where in your life do you need to create a breakthrough? Where in your life do you need to create abundance and how can you achieve this? Somehow along the line we are buying into the belief that life is a struggle, a competition for scarce resources, lack of energy or a fight for getting love. The only truth is that we are abundant and that are lives are filled all the time with wonderful richness and unforgettable moments. All the resources, love and energy we need are right under our noses. Which wolf do you want to feed? The one that believes in struggle or the one that believes in abundance? Which one do you choose to believe? Trust your choice and allow change to happen. Winter will be turned into spring. Rain will fall. It brings fertility and growth into our lives...make space for this and allow it to happen.

Are you ready for your spring? If not, spring-clean up your life. Complete unfinished business, streamline your affairs, sort out your cupboards. Listen for the rain, it is on its way…