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On your wilderness trail

Posted on Mon September 17, 2018.

This blog forms part of a number of short stories where wilderness experiences can be found. It serves to remind us that observing nature brings us forward, coaches us and can inspire us every moment of our day.

When on a walking trail in nature it is important to bring a backpack filled with equipment as water, snacks, first aid kit, hat, sun-cream, insect repellant and a radio to communicate with base. You can think about bringing camera equipment, binoculars and field guides as well....

Even spare batteries and a raincoat could be a good thing to bring.

The more you bring with, the heavier the backpack and the more energy you will need to carry it.

The great thing is that we can see your backpack as a symbol of what things we carry with us each day in our lives. We carry with us our experiences, our memories, our emotions and each and every moment we went through in our life. In our backpack are many happy memories, good times and the great achievements we have done that put a smile on our face. 

We carry also things that weigh us down and that cost us much of our precious daily energy. These could be difficult things as unfinished talks, incomplete relationships, small and big regrets and other unfinished business that is tucked away deep in our Trails backpack, these things keep us busy in our minds every day and it starts to stink if we don’t do anything about it… let’s call these difficult things “incompletions”. We can now take those incompletions out of our Trails backpack and take a good look at them.

Here is the opportunity to deal with them once and for all. We can do this by:
A. acknowledging the incompletion, B. letting it go or C. making a decision what to do with this incompletion in our backpack. One of the three above will resolve it and will result in you having more energy in your life for the good stuff and to walk the nature trail of life with a lighter backpack.

What could be all incompletions? Things like: broken promises, postponements, unresolved arguments, buried dreams, unforgiven things, fixed point of views that keep you stuck, difficult draining relationships, withholding honesty or withholding love, any resistance or the big one....justification stories that you tell others to say I am right...etc.

Why not open your backpack of life and take stock what items are in there, what weighs you down and what would you like to complete? Get that spring back in your step on your Wilderness Trail!