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Letting go of control on Safari

Posted on Mon June 17, 2019.

In our daily lives, there are endless forms of uncertainty – far more things we cannot know than know. Objectively this could be a cause for great delight, magic, wonder and opportunity. We could be relieved and appreciate that we do not have to hold the steering wheel, captain our ship constantly to drive our life.

There is much to discover that can surprise us, so much to which we can gratefully yield, so much permission to let go of our need to know or control what will happen. And yet, when we experience uncertainty in our life it can rattle us, throw us out of our confidence and into our fears. Uncertainty goes against our conditioning that most of us have internalized that not knowing is threatening – that it must be hidden, solved or resolved, as quickly as possible. What if this fear of losing control and all its reactions to it, brings us further away from our path and the way we truly love to live our life? What if this fear of losing control brings us nothing but a false sense of security that leads to being stuck in old ruts and kills our creativity? What if this fear of losing control leads to mediocre performance and the missing of important opportunities?

It is our time we spend in nature that offer us valuable insights about control. Everything in nature is in constant adaptation and movement. Nothing in nature can be predicted and all organisms, from the smallest bacteria to the largest tree thrive because it makes the best of what it is encountered with.

They don’t waste their time and energy on what they cannot influence. They put all their energy and time in creation. On the Living Sense safari retreat and Master Coach educational seminar in the South African bushveld we quickly discover and accept that we cannot control which animal we will encounter and in what situation that will be. We learn to trust that when something happens on our game drive or walking trail our intuition will tell us exactly how to respond.

We let go of control, immerse ourselves in nature and suddenly find ourselves noticing so much more beauty than we did before. We become suddenly present to what happens around us. We start to see our world and our experiences through new eyes. We find our inner peace and our deepest wishes. We connect to our inner voice and experience what it is to be truly grateful. Our heart tells us that it has enjoyed this day and that it sings when it is in nature. It tells us that being in nature allows for magical things to happen. It tells us that the African Bushveld is our home, an old friend, that we have known for a long time and where we always can turn to.