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Into the present moment

Posted on Sat October 24, 2020.

Our blogs form part of a number of short stories where wilderness experiences can be found. They can serve you to remind that observing wilderness restores you, coaches you and inspires us to create your world. When we look with new eyes at nature, it offers us clarity, purpose and meaningfulness for our own life. This blog is about how we can easily get into the present moment through observing nature.

We can become stuck in our active-thinking mind. The result is that we are not really here in the present. Most of attention is focused on memories of the past, making false assumptions or being tied up in future events.

In short, we start to miss a lot of the real beauty and life that is around us. Do you recognise this? Bringing this state of mind in nature decreases the quality of our time there. It’s effectiveness diminishes. What can we do about this? One solution is to re-discover our senses in nature. It is one way nature supports us to really enjoy our time in nature and recharge our energy levels. This is a simple way how you do it.
We are making use of the universal principle “energy flows where attention goes”.
When you place more and more attention on the input from your senses, you will progress through experiences of a higher sensory acuity and relaxation. You will become more aware of what is happening around you than you have noticed before. Your outdoor experience has just become much richer and intense. That is what we want!!!
You will suddenly notice details at a depth that you have never noticed before. This is a state that completely changes your perception and being in Nature.
So, Find a place you like in nature and sit down or keep standing there, comfortably. Take three deep breaths. Follow your breathing with your attention. Feel the air entering your body and when you slowly release it, feel the air flowing out of your nose.
Now, wherever you are, become aware of the colours in your environment around you. Become aware of the white colours, the red colours , the yellows, the greens, the blues, the violets and black colours. Do you notice any other colours?
Then look at all the straight and curved lines you can see. The shapes of the objects and the spaces between them. What does stand out here that you haven’t noticed before?
Then look for all the symmetrical lines and shapes you can find around you. Maybe you can see the symmetrical shapes of leaves, in branches or even symmetrical shapes in the clouds high above you.
Next listen to the sounds you can hear from all directions. What type of birds can you hear? From where are they calling? Can you hear any insects making their noise? Which ones are they? Can you hear maybe the wind blowing softly? Maybe the leaves are rustling in the wind? What other natural sounds can you hear?
Now feel the position of your hands, where are they and how do they feel? Notice the placement of your feet. How do they feel? Notice the movement of your breathing in and out. Can you feel any wind touching your skin? Can you maybe feel any sense of specific energy around you? How does this make you feel?
What can you smell at this moment. What does this specific smell remind you of? Is there anything that you can taste in your mouth? Is it a salty, sweet, sour or maybe another taste that you can define?
Now, let your attention roam throughout all your senses seeking more awareness of each one of them. Do this for as long as you like during any kind of activity. This practice will focus your senses. You will become more present in the moment. It is a skill that can be developed further in nature with practice until it becomes second nature to you.
Getting into the present moment into this very rich sensory field will lift the outdoor experience for you to a much more intense level. The power to create and to realize desired changes in our life, connect with others around us and to experience real joy in life, lie all in the present moment. We can get there simply by re-discovering our senses. Go outdoors in nature and try it out your Self!