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Creating Your Reality

Posted on Wed September 9, 2020.

Our blogs form part of a number of short stories where wilderness experiences can be found. They can serve you to remind that observing wilderness restores you, coaches you and inspires us to create your world. When we look with new eyes at nature, it offers us clarity, purpose and meaningfulness for our own life. This blog is about practical steps that help You to create Your new reality!

I asked my Self a question when I was guiding a group in Nature. How can I actively set the right intention for the experience and create a great quality experience for everyone? To set the right intention with everything You do, there are a couple of things to prepare and to take into account.
To have the right intention You first must do what You love doing. If You really do what You love doing you can never grow tired of it. You can never run out of energy as the things that You are doing creates new energy inside you, all the time. This means that you must not be busy with doing the wrong things. These are the things you don’t like. Do instead the things You love doing. It is this simple.  So how can I find out what I love doing? Well, what about finding out what You don’t love doing and then stopping with what You don’t love doing…?  If You are doing everyday many things that You don’t love doing how can the universe guide you further to what You love doing? You need to make Yourself available for the right things to happen in Your life even if this means changing Your old ways.
The second part of creating the right intention is to get rid of the false idea that You can deplete Your energy and You don’t have something to give tomorrow. When You love what You are doing You will never deplete Your energy! Now, think about how You would love to look back upon Your life. We have had a fulfilled life when we have given everything that we had inside of us. That You can truly say; Yes, I lived well and I gave it all! So, start spending Your energy and spend it all today! That is exactly the right intention to set off on an Outdoor experience. It is especially valid when You guide, teach or train others. 
The third part of setting the right intention is to let it be followed with creative actions. To be able to manifest what You want, for example a wonderful outdoor event, You first need to get clarity.  Clarity about how this outdoor experience exactly looks, feels, smells and tastes like.  Make it as clear as possible. Now step into this manifestation by making yourself a promise. This promise could be something like; “I promise to create an outdoor event on the 15th of July that will start at 8 AM till 18:00 PM and it will be inspiring. Participants will find a new way to look at their own leadership style. They will discover minimal 3 powerful insights how to become a better leader.  They will leave that day energized and keen to experiment with their newly found insights.”

There are two simple but powerful questions You can ask yourself to create the right intention before You set out for a nature experience. They are; Question 1. How can I make, or what can I do to the time outdoor in nature the best possible experience? Question 2. Who do I need to be to achieve this? Think about these questions and write down your answers. Then create and step into action to realise them.
Remember. You will attract what you believe in; “reality is a delayed reaction for what is true for You”. Now you set-off and create what You promised to do.