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Blessed Uncertainty

Posted on Sat May 23, 2020.

Our blogs form part of a number of short stories where wilderness experiences can be found. They can serve you to remind that observing wilderness restores you, coaches you and inspires us to create your world. When we look with new eyes at nature, it gives us clarity and purpose.
This blog is about connecting to our light inside us, our bliss while embracing uncertain times. Having the courage to cross river that bring us to a new place we have never been before.

The rain falling now throughout the day makes the African bushveld wet through it’s fabric. It’s a slow falling nourishing rain, soft and gentle and no wind at all. Sitting quietly outside under the thatched roof and listening to the sounds of the rain is magical. Small droplets are falling from the tall Fever trees on the narrow and long leaves of Cape Date palms- and the Sycamore Fig's broad bright green leaves. This morning we went on an early Bush-walk, not knowing what we would find at the other side of the northern hill. As we left camp two male impalas dashed off out of a thicket of bushes right in front of us. Giving is a wake-up call. Their necks were thick and muscular and they must have been challenging each other as it is their rutting season.

Further east a group of Helmeted Guinea-fowl were calling their characteristic alarming call. An intruder! We went to investigate not knowing upfront what we were walking into. Would there be a leopard in the area? We had seen some tracks of a small female in the area the days before. We approached the area carefully, uncertain of what we would find. Suddenly a large bird-of-prey flew by. It was deep grey with a black and white banded tail and broad wings. An African Harrier-hawk had disturbed the neighbourhood and the Guinea-fowls had made everyone aware of its presence. We decided to walk further north up on the hill, suddenly a loud cracking of branches, 40 meters away, on our right. Elephant, I whispered! The animal approached to investigate us and gave us a warning not to come closer. It raised its head high above us. We heeded it’s warning and silently retreated behind a Giant-raisin bush. The elephant went further, walking away from us. The rain had stopped and in the first rays of sunlight were coming through the clouds.

Every time we walk out in nature it is uncertain what we will encounter and we need to trust our skills. Walking a nature trail mirrors our life in many ways. Exploring uncertain terrain is a necessary step to grow and discover new parts of our self. This way our life start to flow. True happiness follows when we adapt and re-invent ourselves in uncertain situations.  We become a different person than the one we were yesterday and meaning-fullness start to enter our life.

Take the uncertain and demolished nature path before you, not knowing the outcome but knowing that it will bring great joy, wisdom and bliss. Joseph Campbell, a well-known author calls the uncertain road; the hero’s path.  Your light and your greatness lies in welcoming uncertainty as an opportunity and developing a courageous mentality.