Employability coaching

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

For all organisations keeping work interesting and updating the skillset of all its employees, including older ones, is essential in an increasingly tight labor market.

Coach Me - Employability coaching

The job for life has long ceased to exist. Employees are today increasingly faced with restructuring and changes at their workplace. There might be the need or wish to extend to new tasks within the current organisation. It is further essential to keep the current workforce productive, motivated and up-to-date on the latest developments in their area of expertise. 

By assessing, improving and coaching employability in a timely manner, employees can stay longer motivated, productive and healthy. Employability coaching reduces the risk of burnout, redundancy and unemployment for employees and therefor avoids the loss of (experienced) employees for employers.


What do I get?

  • Clarity on your personality-, social- and work-related skills and resources
  • Clarity on your growth-path and interests at their current workplace
  • Fully reaching the employee's potential
  • Right person in the right place
  • Employable, productive, motivated and healthy employees


What is my Investment?

You can choose between an onsite or online one-on-one employability coaching or alternatively attend a specialised onsite employability seminar (2 afternoons of each 4 hours).

Choose Coach Me to book a employability coaching session including a free "getting to know each other" talk. Price coaching session: inkl. EUR 75,- Inkl. MwSt (1 hour).

Choose the right seminars for you! We will be happy to inform you about the dates, structure and content of our group seminars on Employability development in business.


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