• Outdoor coaching & nature coaching


These courses offer a unique combination of leadership training, personality training and nature coaching.

Do you want to discover the quality and sustainability of coaching & training in nature? Take a step into the world of outdoor training and learn to see nature with new eyes.

Is it your heart's desire to make nature your empowerment space and do you want to enjoy inspiring days outdoors? Then these outdoor courses are just right for you!

Cert. Outdoor & Nature Trainer course 

Price: EUR 2550,- (CHF 2450,-) incl. VAT. Course training contains 7 attendance outdoor days and is offered in German.

Spring courses 2024

  • Zurich (Switzerland): March 29 and 30, April 20 and 21, May 18, 19 and 26.
  • Oberburg (Switzerland): April 6, 7 and 28, May 10, 17, 24 and 25.

Fall courses 2024

  • Zurich (Switzerland): September 27 and 28, October 5,6,18,19 and 20.
  • Bürglen TG (Switzerland): August 23 and 24, September 20,21 and 29, October 12 and 13.


Online Outdoor Trainer course

Price : EUR 495,- (CHF 485-) incl. VAT. Course trying contains 7 inspiring modules and is offered both in German and English.

  • Available only through selfstudy.
  • Course manuals and course video's online available.
  • A monthly online Q&A session supports your progress.


The courses, Cert. Outdoor & Nature Trainer and the Online Outdoor Trainer are booked through our course partner Living Sense


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Cert. Nature & Outdoor Trainer

Embrace nature as motivator for authentic created change and personal growth.

Is your deepest wish to make nature into your own empowerment-space and to be an outdoor coach with soul and passion? Do you want to diiscover the quality and sustainability of coaching and training in nature? Do you want to step-by-step dive deeper into the outdoor training world?


Online Outdoor Trainer

Get much more out of your time outdoors!

If you want to experience the magic of nature. If you want to bring balance in your life with nature. And, if you want to inspire and develop yourself and others – through nature... Then this online course is for you!

The online Outdoor Trainer Course is available 365 days per year and is supported by regular monthly online Q&A sessions hosted by an experienced Outdoor Trainer. Study at your own time and in your own rhythm. Learn to step into the best Outdoor Trainer you can be!